Kathy Hastings
The Rose de la Mer (Rose of the Sea)  series began while on a diving trip to Grand Turk. I began photographing the broken conch shells that were scattered along the beach. (Banging a hole on the top of the whole shell releases the meat of this giant sea snail. The weakened shell tumbles about in the waves until the tip eventually breaks off leaving the inside spiral exposed.) 
    Back in my studio I combined digital printing, watercolor, and often oil paint for the final images. 
They are available as marbled tiles, prints and canvases.

...and these unfolding spirals 
seem to me the shape of God. 
The universe, once wound up, 
is now rewinding, like my life —
 to zero and the Everything of God...   
                    Luci Shaw

all images © Kathy Hastings

Conch Spiral Paintings

Kathy Hastings, NW artist, photography, water images, nautical art, conch spirals, draft numbers, encaustics, Sudoku, Frio River