Kathy Hastings
Boat hulls and water reflections are the theme of this photo/encaustic series. For me the hulls are like giant canvases painted by the sea – surfaces salty, rusty, algaed, oxidized, coated and recoated with man’s paint, glazed and worn by time and water, often accented by the brush of a tug or the scrape of an anchor chain. The colors change above and below the waterline—an imaginary line where the ship is cradled by 
the sea. 
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all images © Kathy Hastings

Fisherman’s Terminal • Plimsoll Marks • Kayaking * Journey Prayers  • 

Kathy Hastings, NW artist, photography, water images ,kayaking,  nautical art, conch spirals, draft numbers, encaustics, Sudoku, Frio River, Plimsoll Marks, draft numbers,